We are Ewa and Dariusz Kostanowicz. We live in Poland. We have been members  of FCI since 2004. All our dogs are registered and have FCI pedigree. Our main intention is the husbandry of pure blood Kangal Dogs. We assure our new-born puppies the best start in a new life.

We are very proud of our achievements, not only in dog show.
  When we come back to memory of our childhood, dogs were always a constant companion. They were not only purebred dogs, wonderful champions, but also our beloved cross-breed dogs.

Years were passing, but in our adult life there was always place for the dog's heart. However, the way to Kangal Dogs was far. Even today the breed is very rare. In 2002 I met the first publications about the breed , which strongly interested me. In spite of the fact that there were few of them, today I know, they were sometimes wrong. It was then when we fell in love with Kangal Dog, the dog with a black head with an excellent guardian instinct, a beautiful twisted tail, long palms, speedy and light movement, devoted dog's heart,  that will sacrifice its life for every member of the kennel, also the human. Today Kangal dogs guard our homes and we feel with them really secure. The knowledge about these dogs didn't come from day to day. We needed years of work, exchange of experiences with other breeders, also from Turkey, Germany, Holland and Great Britain.
ows but mainly in breeding. Our puppies live in many European countries, making their owners happy people and sometimes they also pay back with their hard work guarding farm animals. This website is devoted to Kangal Dogs, this beautiful old breed of Turkish sheephook dog.

  We inform, that semen of our males can be send to all the world

You can contact us on:

Mobile phone:    0048 501 410 248
Home phone:     0048 68 359 23 91
E-mail:               info@anatolian.pl